Looking at the venture capital deal count in 2018, we can identify the most active global venture capital investors in 2018. According to the data presented in the 2018 PitchBook Annual Global League Tables, 500 Startups was the most active Venture Capital investor. The company produced globally 217 managed venture capital deals in one year.

The most active venture capital investors in Europe in 2018 were Enterprise Ireland (149) and Mercia Technologies (73).

Leading venture capital investors by sector in 2018 were: 

500 Startups (138) in software; Alexandria Venture Investments (37) in pharma & biotech; Mercia Technologies (5) and Alumni Ventures Group (5) in IT hardware; Keiretsu Forum (29) and SOSV (18) in healthcare devices & supplies; Alumni Ventures Group (9), F-Prime Capital Partners (9), Plug and Play Tech Center (9) and Qiming Venture Partners (9) in healthcare services & systems; Breakthrough Energy Ventures (7) in energy.

Most active venture capital investor exits in 2018: in the world were GV (35) and 500 Startups (33); GV (33) and 500 Startups (29) in the U.S.; Enterprise Ireland (11) and Almi Invest (9) in Europe.

500 Startups

On the recent 500’s article, the company explained the process of picking the startup investment. In this article, they explained the opportunity assessment as a foundational rule for VC. Moreover, the first thing they would invest are smaller bets. Cross-functional team is another valuable factor in the investment process.

In other words, it is not enough to have a skilful engineering team without marketing or project person. Further, it is always best to have a cross-functional team to be successful. Typically, every VC would look for a product that sells and that is solving customers problems.

Additionally, the product that the company owns needs to have a scalable solution to go to market. Investment process requires step by step preparation and presentation from a startup looking for investors. Your business needs to have a good understanding of the investment journey. That being said, you need to walk your team through all the stages in the negotiation process.