Startup funding Guide: What you need to know

Startup funding Guide: What you need to know

Are you having a brilliant idea for your startup, and have a hard time funding it? You need to learn your best options on how to fund a startup. Here is a quick guide on how to get your started and fund a startup.

The unfortunate reality for most entrepreneurs with an idea is that money is often a prerequisite. Despite the wide array of funding sources, there are three general categories: Bootstrapping, Debt, and Equity. In recent years, crowdfunding on platforms such as Fundable has become a powerful source of funding for both bootstrapping and equity techniques.

Debt as a Form of Startup Funding

Simply put, debt is capital you have to pay back. Generally, debt is easier to come by in terms of funding your startup, as there are far more lenders in the world than equity investors.

Because lenders are more indiscriminate in the industries they lend in, a traditional loan is one of the most frequent and viable roads to funding. 

Entrepreneurs often look to avoid going into debt. However, these options are not as scary and complicated as they sound. There is often a very good route for startup funding. Startup Funding is a critical component of your business venture and is a big issue to tackle.

Offering Equity in Exchange for Startup Funding

Equity refers to capital a startup founder receives in exchange for stock in his or her company. This is what investors will typically deal with. Clearly, to offer equity to an investor, you need to have some perceived value or proof of concept to instill confidence.

Equity investments are most valuable in businesses that involve high risk and normally a longer period for return on investment.


It would be ideal for startup founders to be able to begin their venture with a lump of investor capital. Unfortunately for most startup founders, that isn’t realistic. For centuries, the majority of entrepreneurs have funding for startups with their own capital through bootstrapping.

Bootstrapping often entails using personal savings, credit cards, promising stock for sweat equity, or borrowing from friends and family. Borrowing from friends and family can be difficult to ask for, and even more difficult to orchestrate. However, many entrepreneurs have turned to crowdfund on sites like Fundable or Kickstarter to streamline the friends and family round. There are many other crowdfunding sites to raise money for your idea.

Funding for startups is available in all sorts of forms, and an entrepreneur would be wise to consider and evaluate all forms of capital available for each stage of the business. Startup funding can have different forms of capital that will make more sense and be available for that stage. Moving from simple credit card debt and personal savings to more complicated sources like angel investors and commercial loans. 

Venture Capital Investment Deals to follow in 2021

Venture Capital Investment Deals to follow in 2021

Despite the pandemic, venture capital investment pushed plenty of money into startups in 2020. Moving forward, the experts predict global venture capital investment market to exhibit strong growth during the period 2020-2025. Venture capital investment is gaining popularity as it provides above-average returns to investors and helps in encouraging progress. 

At present, the market is experiencing growth on account of the growing number of startups, in confluence with the increasing investments from mutual funds and banking institutions in venture capital. Apart from this, the expanding investment activities in diverse industry verticals, such as healthcare, biotechnology, agriculture, and media and entertainment, are also strengthening market growth. Furthermore, venture capitalists are utilizing algorithms and machine learning (MI) for identifying startups with a higher growth potential to make better investment decisions. However, the market growth is under impact by the global spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and consequent lockdowns imposed by governments of many countries.

Therefore, various organizations and their operational activities have come to a sudden standstill. Because of this, venture capitalists are modifying their plans to survive the rapidly changing market conditions.

While investment slowed down dramatically in the spring, VCs invested $36.5 billion in the third quarter of 2020, a seven-quarter high. Global VC funding rises over 40% in Q3’20 compared to Q2’20, with Asia seeing the largest gains. Funding to startups in Asia increases by 74% while jumping 29% in Europe and North America in Q3’20 versus Q2’20.

Source: Cbinsights

Venture Capital Deals

Here are venture capital deals that shed some light on what 2021 might look like-for entrepreneurs, their customers, and their backers. Cityblock Health has a new approach to health care for underserved urban populations. Cityblock’s $160 million Series C funding round and a valuation of over $1 billion. As Dr. Toyin Ajayi, Cityblock Health co-founder said, Cityblock’s goal is better healthcare outcome for marginalized communities that can also be aligned with driving down healthcare costs and driving waste out of the system.

Much of the technology meant to make us more informed and productive seems to have the opposite effect. A recent report found that the average employee regularly uses eight software apps while doing their job. That helps explain the appeal of Notion, one of the leaders of a pack of productivity software startups. Notion brings multiple apps and software together in one place, in an attempt to make it easier for employees to find the information they need when they need it. The $50 million round valued Notion founded in 2013, at $2 billion.

Another venture capital investment attracted by Textio raised $12 million to help take bias out of business communications. That problem is likely to persist well into the next decade. Most people have a hard time to learn what language will attract a diverse pool of candidates and what language will repel them. That is where Textio comes in: helping employers write job postings and other documents that are inclusive.

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