Startup Unicorns in Europe in 2020

Startup ecosystems are partly defined by how many companies have hit the billion-dollar valuation mark. In Europe, the unicorn count is steadily growing. In 2020 so far, at least 10 new unicorns have been ‘born’. There are plenty more fast-growing startups likely...

ESG in private equity: a moment of glory?

ESG has gained more traction in the private equity industry in recent years. Moreover, ESG has become a core demand from limited partners (LPs) amid consumers behaviour change and the growing climate change concerns of socially responsible millennial investors. That...

Digital Sustainable Finance Opportunities

In the age of COVID-19 digital transformation is demanded, but so is the commitment to face climate change. Technology lies at the core of attempts to prevent global warming. Therefore, the combination of both sustainable and digital finance can lead to new business...

ESG impact – sustainable investment

How COVID – 19 is reshaping industries

Private Equity

Venture Capital

Business Environment

How financial advisors add value

How financial advisors add value

You only use an expert if you believe that they can add value to you. The industry stuides showed that clients who worked with a good financial advisor will receive on average 3% increase in the value of their portfolio each year.

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