Top 10 ESG Startups in Europe in 2022

esg startups in europe in 2022

When it comes to ESG ratings, there are several agencies that evaluate these goals, and each and every company has their own scoring system. Even though Europe requires big companies to regularly publish reports regarding environmental and societal impact, there are not any set rules regarding that within the EU. The R&D budget of the […]

Earth Day and How it is Connected to ESG

Earth Day

Today, on April 22, 2022, we celebrate Earth Day. Find out in this article all about Earth Day and how it is connected to ESG. In 1970 U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson wanted to create a healthier environment by protecting our planet and its resources, so he invented Earth Day. That may have set the tone […]

The Importance of the EU Taxonomy

Eu Taxonomy

To understand the purpose of EU taxonomy, it is important to know how it fits in the broader context of the EU Green Deal. The European Commission presented the EU green deal as a new growth strategy to address and tackle the most significant climate issues. Its main objective is to make the EU climate […]

Carbon Footprint: How to Calculate Yours?

Carbon Footprint How To Calculate Yours

An increasing number of companies are committing to achieve net-zero emissions or to migrate to a lower carbon operational model. Measuring an organization’s carbon footprint is the first step to achieving that goal. The GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard provide guidance and requirements for organizations when preparing a GHG emission inventory. The GHG […]

Top 6 key ESG and sustainability trends for business

Esg Trends Sustainability

Businesses that doubt ESG and sustainability trends will be left in the dust as the world revolves around conscious consumerism. As many investors and stakeholders are looking at companies that incorporate environmental, social, and governance criteria (ESG), sustainability has become a necessity. The world is going through a rapid pace of change in how we […]

Sustainable Finance in Europe

Sustainable Finance In Europe

Implementing sustainable finance in Europe will have major positive benefits for the sustainable economy at large. The road to recovery from the economic impacts of COVID-19 will not be quick or easy. Our current crisis presents an opportunity to direct large-scale investment toward creating a sustainable European economy. Sustainable finance is defined as investment decisions […]

ESG Investments Croatia

esg investments croatia

ESG investing in Croatia is still in its early phases. However, there is undoubtedly an increase in ESG investments in Croatia and requirements in corporate and investor strategies. In addition, ESG is broadening its scope of influence to cover all economic and policy sectors now. From energy, finance, and urban planning to tax – these […]

Impact Investing

Impact Investing

As described in the article Calculating Value of Impact Investing; concerns about scarcity and inequality become increasingly urgent, many investors are eager to generate both business and social returns—to “do well by doing good.” One avenue is impact investing: directing capital to ventures that are expected to yield social and environmental benefits as well as […]

ESG Investing Guide: Advancing ESG strategy

ESG Investing Guide: Advancing ESG strategy

Venture capital firms have historically been the first investors in many of the world’s largest and most influential companies. You have been hearing more and more about ESG investing. Research is increasingly showing that this investing method can reduce portfolio risk, generate competitive investment returns, and help investors feel good about the stocks they own. […]

Digital Sustainable Finance Opportunities

Digital Sustainable Finance Opportunities

In the age of COVID-19 digital transformation is demanded, but so is the commitment to face climate change. Technology lies at the core of attempts to prevent global warming. Therefore, the combination of both sustainable and digital finance can lead to new business models that will reduce energy consumption. According to PWC recent research, over 1200 […]