Largest M&A Deals in 2022

M&a Deals In 2022

The boom in the M&A sector has certainly continued into 2022 with the top five M&A Deals in 2022. According to Morgan Stanley, 2021 marked a record year for M&A with more than $5 trillion in global volume – eclipsing prior records and a remarkable rebound from 2020. European M&A value and volume shouted to […]

Startup Unicorns in Europe in 2022

European tech startups entered the global stage. According to Viva Technology‘s list, we outlined the top startup unicorns in Europe in 2022. In partnership with GP Bullhound, Viva Technology, the biggest startup and tech event in Europe, compiled the list. The critical criteria to make it onto the list are growth, velocity and growth potential, […]

Corporate Venture Capital Investments: All you need to know

Corporate Venture Capital Investments

Corporate venture capital investments (CVCs) represent more than a fifth of the global ventures. In addition, many investors are more cautious with their dollars amid the Ukrainian conflict and rising inflation. With that in mind, startups welcome the longer-term stability that corporates can offer. Corporate knowledge, R&D resources, M&A opportunities and networks are valuable for […]

Who Makes the Final Funding Decisions in VC

Who Makes The Final Funding Decisions In VC

More people involved in the process often decide the final funding decisions in VC. However, when we talk about venture capital, we often only think of the two players; entrepreneur and VC. Although this sounds simple enough, there is more to it. Typically, whoever is on the board committee, will take part in making decisions. […]

How to prepare for a VC meeting

venture capital VC meeting

You have set up a meeting with VC, and now you wonder what’s next. How to prepare for a VC meeting and hold a professional presentation? The first thing you should keep in mind is a first impression matter. Therefore, you should keep multiple versions of your pick deck and have all the answers and […]

M&A Deals in 2021 in Europe – Outlook

M&A Deals In 2021

Global M&A deals flourished in 2021. Deal activity rebounded from the COVID-19. According to Wall Street Journal, the total value of mergers and acquisitions (M & M&A) in 2021 was $5.7 trillion, 64% higher than before. However, persistent inflation may contribute to a softening in equity markets and a higher cost of capital due to interest […]

Startup Unicorns in Europe in 2021

Startup Unicorns In Europe 2021

Over the past years, the number of startups around Europe has grown. As a result, startup unicorns in Europe have experienced sudden growth, and they deserve to be in the spotlight. Not many companies and entrepreneurs accomplish growth and valuation of over 1 billion dollars. According to Pitchbook data, 23 companies in Europe became unicorns […]

Startup Funding Rounds – All You Need to Know

Startup Funding Rounds

You have heard by now terms such as seeds funding, Series B funding, and so on. So, how many startup funding rounds there is? What do these rounds mean? And finally, what is the definition of a startup funding round? The startup ecosystem in Europe is booming at the moment. To understand these terms, you […]

How to Raise Money for Your Startup

How To Raise Money For Startup

There are many ways startup companies can raise money. Once you decide to start your own business, one of the most critical factors is funding your idea. Many entrepreneurs and startup founders think they should save money to invest in business growth. However, there are many other options available. Most startups rely on a combination […]

What Venture Capitalists Look for in an Investment Opportunity

Venture Capital Investment

If you want to attract venture capitalists to fund your startup business, you should learn what they look for in an investment opportunity. While essential, a “good idea” is not enough. Several additional factors weigh into venture capital decisions, including management, the size of the market, innovative products and risk assessment. Since venture capitalists invest […]