Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

With more than 25 years of experience in corporate finance and consultancy, our financial advisory services include a full range of financial advisory services.

With established local market presence, we provide tailor-made insights into the investment opportunities. Our expertise includes business valuation, financial due diligence,      business plan review, and financial plan soundness check.

Financial Advisory Competitive Edge

Strategy for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Engagement 

Already before COVID-19, ESG awareness has reached the next level with unprecedented investment growth in ESG funds and sustainable businesses. Over the past few years, research has shown that ESG strategy pays off by delivering superior financial returns. COVID-19 is only going to accelerate those trends since ESG funds are outperforming the wider market (Q1 2020). The pandemic has also brought to light the materiality of ESG-related risks and the deep linkages between businesses and their stakeholders across the value chains. COVID-19 will accelerate the trend towards adopting ESG strategies even further — creating a greater sense of urgency and responsibility toward everything from consumer behaviour to climate change, supply-chain practices, the future of work and mobility. We believe that unprecedented disruption being wrought by this pandemic will accelerate the adoption of ESG objectives not only by large companies but also SMEs. 

Existing and future regulatory changes at EU-level (EC’s Action Plan on Sustainable Finance) provide a further decisive impetus to embrace sustainability aspects. 

We can advise clients in devising the ESG strategy and communicating it to various stakeholders. ESG strategy is not a stand-alone issue, but should be integrated into the overall company’s strategy, operating environment, and business model. Our services include ESG due diligence, gathering sustainability and ESG key performance indicators (KPIs), industry benchmarking, identifying risks, proposing action plan, monitoring and reporting on performance. We can also assist in defining the communication strategy with various stakeholders, including investor engagement and preparing sustainability / ESG report.  The transition toward sustainable solutions often requires investments, and we can identify appropriate financial resources, including EU funds to providing financing in embracing sustainability practices. In addition to in-house resources, we can rely on our network of industry specialists and service providers to support complex and highly technical products. 

Mirna Marovic, Director at VentureXchange, is a holder of EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA®) diploma. 

Private Equity and Venture Capital Network 

Our extensive network in private equity and venture capital industry provides us with a competitive edge in advising companies who are seeking private equity and venture capital investments. We can help ambitious and high-achieving company founders from diverse backgrounds who are working to reinvent businesses and operational models across key business sectors to tap into competitive venture capital markets. For established companies we can help find growth capital or private equity partners for high growth potential companies looking for strong financial business partners to help expand their business. Obtaining the financing from private equity and venture capital funds is very competitive since those entities receive a large number of projects but select only a few. We can provide you with resources that are essential to prepare the proper approach and documentation to maximise the success for finding a suitable private equity or venture capital investment partner.  

Scaling Up Strategy 

COVID-19 disruption will impact businesses on a massive scale. Only companies that can adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and exploit the crisis as the opportunity will be able to thrive in the times of uncertainty. These unprecedented times present the opportunity to redesign business approach examining the core elements: people, strategy, implementation and cash generation potential. Finding the right people with the right skills to help a business to the next level remains a stubborn problem. Expansion often requires substantial funds and our extensive network of private equity and venture capital investors can help identify the right partner to scale up the business. Together these two issues are the over-riding priority concerns for our ambitious scaleups. Businesses of any size – from startups to mature companies – will need to reposition in post-COVID-19 world. We can help with proven tools and methodology while avoiding common traps many growing businesses fall into. 

Financial Advisory / Turnaround Restructuring 

COVID-19 is likely to produce distressed situations, with many businesses facing a downturn with a severe effect on liquidity. In this uniquely challenging environment, we can help in making your business more resilient and proactive in assessing their risk and vulnerability from both an operational and a financial standpoint. We can support the management by rapidly developing a turnaround plan and assist in financial restructuring. Our first priority is to quickly stabilise cash and liquidity and take a realistic view of the current options. We advise our clients on restructuring the liabilities-side of the balance sheet and develop tailored refinancing solutions including selecting the appropriate financing instruments (including equity and hybrid forms of capital (such as mezzanine finance)) and negotiate best credit conditions with right financing institutions. We believe that the stakeholder confidence is key to success for a successful turnaround. We can assist by managing stakeholder communications and understanding the needs of borrowers, lenders and stakeholders which crucial to help rebuild confidence. We can help in securing the turnaround strategy execution, and certain operational considerations including embracing digitalisation strategy, revaluating suppliers and supply chain options, focus on health & safety issues for employees, as well as to retain/hire talent. 

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