SuperReturn Virtual

10 June 2020

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ESG webinar: Staying Sustainable

Friday, 12 June – 12 PM CEST

COVID-19 Impact on the VC Market

Thursday, 18 June – 5 PM CEST


Responding to the coronavirus outbreak and future challenges. 

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Healthcare Investing in the Post COVID-19 Era: Implications for Value Creation in Private Equity

4 June 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has been accelerating change we already knew we needed to make in healthcare. Recent developments are likely to have a lasting impact on healthcare as a sector, and all the supporting infrastructure around it. What will this mean for Private Equity Investors and how are they thinking about value creation given the current disruption in the marketplace?

ESG webinar: Staying Sustainable

12 June 2020

Since COVID-19 hit the market, private equity firms have seen the valuation of their portfolio diminish substantially, thereby, lowering the potential returns to their investors. Firms have been forced to take proactive actions in order to not only withstand the financial impact, but also the ESG associated questions this pandemic has brought along with it, how do private equity firms keep their ESG profile when their returns are being put in danger?

COVID-19 Impact on the VC Market

18 June 2020

The COVID-19 situation is a massive disrupt of the Private Equity market and all investors need to understand what is likely to happen. This webinar will be dedicated to Venture Capital investors and will shed some light on how relationships between the VC & start-up companies will look like and what they should be doing to get through the current crisis.